EPC Contracts & Risk Management Summit 2017

Managing and addressing various challenges within EPC contracts and associated risks covering strategic, legal, commercial and operational imperatives.

EPC Contracts & Risk Management Summit 2017

The Indian EPC sector has become more and more complex in the past 2 decades with both international and domestic construction giants being interested in India's growth story.

Organizations now need to devise clear strategies as to how to manage and negotiate their EPC contracts bearing in mind to avoid costly delays, cost overruns & disputes. Organizations need to also enhance their focus on risk mitigation tools to ensure maximum profitability is achieved in every project. Recent studies predict the EPC market in India to grow at a CAGR of 20.26% from 2014-2019. The ‘Make in India’ initiatives is one of the many initiatives which is driving enormous growth in the India EPC sector.

Inventicon’s EPC contracts & Risk Management Summit 2017 is aimed at creating a platform for EPC contracts & risk management professionals to address the latest challenges and highlight emerging trends as well as explore probable solutions available to further enhance the EPC sector in India.






Key Benefits

The EPC Contracts & Risk Management Summit 2017 is India’s most relevant and top level conference for EPC professionals across industries.

Key Topics of Discussion

Day One:
  • Contract negotiation strategy
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Managing & delivering a mega project
  • Managing third party vendors
Day Two:
  • Fund raising
  • Taxation challenges
  • Procurement strategies
  • Risk mitigation & management
  • Contractual links between insurance, indemnity & warranties

Why should you attend?

  • Learn about the emerging trends in the EPC sector
  • Addressing the various challenges of managing and delivering projects
  • Understanding the various aspects of EPC contracting
  • Best practice sharing & networking opportunity among EPC professionals
  • The roadmap ahead – way forward for the EPC sector

Who will you meet?

Managing Directors

Chief Executive Officers

Chief Risk Officers

Head of Contracts

Head of Legal /In-house Counsel

Company Secretary

Head of Commercial

Head of Procurement & Supply chain

Head of Vendor Management

Head of Government Relations

Gold Partner

Silver Partner

Official Media Partners

Digital Interface Partner

Online Media Partner

Magazine Partner

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